About us

Mission & VisionLueur (French for “glow”) works alongside executives and technical professionals to build partnerships, define strategies for business success and to develop the capabilities and practices to realise them. Lueur builds strong and sustainable teams, courageous businesses and successful leaders who are positioned to realise their full potential.
A successful economy and society needs a technology industry in which vendors, business clients, technical specialists and government authorities work effectively and collaboratively at all levels. We will celebrate success, encourage innovation and ensure that everyone is considered and included, overcoming disadvantage and encouraging diversity within and through the potential of technology.

Values & BeliefsHonesty – we act with integrity and provide frank advice that acknowledges issues, but provides an achievable way to move forward.
Inclusiveness – we look for potential and how to realise it and will challenge assumptions held by people about themselves and others about where that potential might be best directed.
Professionalism – we constantly build our own capabilities and experience and bring them to bear for the benefit of our clients. We will innovate, but not operate beyond the bounds of our competencies or compromise our values for commercial benefit.
Generosity – in time, finance and effort we will contribute to the technology industry, society and to those who have less opportunity to make tomorrow in some way better than it was today.
Independence – we are collegiate and will build and maintain open, robust relationships with clients, technology vendors, technical experts and other advisory firms.
Strength of character – we will maintain our integrity, determination and focus under challenging circumstances and always keep the focus on achieving sustainable success for our clients.

Who is Lueur?

Director – Susan Sly

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Lueur is beginning in theory with a team of one (Susan Sly), but in practice comprises a broader network of advisors, partners, mentors and backers. The objective is to keep Lueur small (some would say exclusive) with shared values and proven capabilities in key areas being essential to delivering on the promise that Lueur makes to clients.
Director – Susan Sly
Susan is a successful consultant and ex-CIO who established Lueur in 2014 after six years in CIO roles. Susan works alongside teams and individuals to make them successful, from the CEO to the individual members of the IT team. She works to realise the innate potential of people and organisations, delivering frank and honest advice based on wide experience and insight.
Susan is renowned for being a straight talker who doesn’t flinch away from the hard calls. She is honest and direct, but encourages self-awareness and development as she reshapes businesses and service models. Susan focuses on delivering value for money and sustainable results, not cheap and quick solutions. She was recognised as the iAwards CIO of the Year for Australia and Victoria in 2013 and is one of the relatively small proportion of women in the ICT industry – a diversity statistic that she would like to see improve in the near future.


People with InfluenceA wide network of people have led to the formation of Lueur and have provided invaluable advice regarding its services and how to run a business. Some of the key people who have enabled this venture and who continue to influence its future direction include:


Lueur ClientsLueur is engaged by business executives who are genuinely seeking change and who are prepared to be challenged themselves during the process.
Our clients are committed to excellence and characteristically have resolute leaders who operate with integrity and courage. Their companies are predominantly in the services industries (law, business process outsourcers), the technology sector and government (State and Federal).
The companies that we work with are medium sized, generally on a growth trajectory within their sector. They have established reputations, but are looking for a different perspective on how they do business, seeking to disrupt themselves or their industry be leveraging technology services.