We work with business executives, vendors and technology teams to enhance performance – developing and implementing strategy, growing internal capability, outsourcing and modernising technology. In all endeavours, the aim is to realise value from information and intellect through the application of technology.

Advisory and consultancyLueur undertakes a range of engagements spanning long term transformation consultancies, short term reviews and ongoing advisory services as a mentor or governance group membership. In all cases, the focus is on understanding the business strategy and objectives first, then situating opportunities and current arrangements in relation to these to develop forward plans and options. Our audiences are senior business executives and we frequently liaise between them and technology vendors or teams to align priorities and establish sound ongoing government frameworks.

Sourcing Strategy and Procurement ManagementLueur’s clients for procurement and sourcing services include vendors and businesses seeking a strong emphasis on outcomes, challenging established process where it detracts from value. Engagement is a hallmark of our approach and we aim for equitable, timely results that drive long term benefits and sustainable relationships. Approaches combine a sound knowledge of probity, governance and commercial acumen with innovative approaches utilising interactive vendor engagement and outcomes based procurement.

Mentoring and networkingSusan Sly has mentored upcoming leaders in the technology sphere for over ten years and has contributed to long term development initiatives aimed at broadening the leadership and management skills across the IT industry. Mentoring arrangements incorporate mentees’ personal development objectives as well as exploring ambitious, but achievable targets within and beyond their current roles and companies. With a keen interest in diversity, Susan has challenged leaders from all backgrounds to improve representation in the technology industry as well as targeting effort towards those who may need additional support to stretch their horizons.