Speaking Engagements

Susan Sly is an experienced public speaker and has addressed audiences spanning senior business executives, industry representatives and technical practitioners. She is equally comfortable facilitating open discussions, addressing large audiences or fielding questions on topics of interest. Susan has acted as the master of ceremonies for public events and actively targets audiences and topics of interest in her presentations to gain the maximum benefit for participants.

Upcoming Events

Previous Engagements

13 Feb 2017
Businesses bought cloud and the IT industry talks about services. So why are IT companies still working with clients like they have bought products? Integrated transition planning and genuine understanding of the outcomes needed can build robust and long lasting relationships, but are we positioning technology companies to work like this? To participate in a survey of CIO views on this topic: Survey Monkey To get more details on the event: View more event details ...
23 Feb 2016
Women in ICT Leadership Summit to be held on the 23-24 of February 2016 in Melbourne
17 Feb 2016
Technologists have evolved over the short life of the IT industry to deliver services ranging from backbone infrastructure through multiplatform application suites to delivering incredible insights from previously disparate data sets. No longer passively responding to “business” requests you are at the forefront of business innovation. Every company needs to actively consider its future – is your conversation about protecting position, transforming your firm or disrupting your industry? Regardless of the answer, having the conversation or not may be the difference between the company’s extinction, mediocrity or success. Susan will lead the workshop style session for 25 CIOs http://www.ciostrategy.com.au/ ...
01 Aug 2015
ACS Victoria Branch Forum August 2015 – presentation on managing a career in the contemporary IT industry (topic voted by members)
22 Sep 2014
ACS Youth Summit October 2014 - presentation (ACS members only)
03 Mar 2014
CIO Strategy Summit March 2014 – presentation
22 Sep 2013
CIO Strategy Summit March 2013 – interview
01 Sep 2013
iAwards CIO of the Year 2013 – interview